Italian Pasta Salad

A colorful rainbow rotini pasta tossed with a delicious Italian dressing, tomatoes and red bell pepper.

Servings:10. Per Serving (1 Cup): 193 Calories, 2.5g Fat, 33.5g Carbohydrates, 8g Protein, g Fiber, 3g Sugar.

Cook pasta noodles as directed on the package.

Steam broccoli and red bell pepper until tender.

If you are using dried herbs instead of fresh, place dried basil and marjoram in a cup with a tablespoon of almost boiling water and let them steep, covered for a few minutes. This is to soften them up and bring out the flavor. If you are using fresh herbs, finely chop them.

To make the pasta dressing place olive oil, silken tofu, white wine vinegar, sugar, salt in a blender and blend until smooth. After you have the dressing blended throw in the herbs and stir.

Take the two slices of bread and cut the crust off, throw into a blender or food processor and chop until they're crumbs.

Toss pasta with dressing. Then throw in the grated onion, tomatoes, broccoli, red bell pepper and toss. Throw in bread crumbs and nutritional yeast and toss some more.

To make sure your pasta doesn't become over cooked, run cold water over the pasta after it's cooked and drain. Pasta salad is best at room temperature and cool pasta noodles help the dressing not to dry out.

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