Superfoods Are Bullshit

Superfoods. They’re ancient, exotic, jam-packed full of antioxidants, and all come with the same steaming side dish: a hearty helping of bullshit.

I’ve never been one to fall for the whole superfoods hype, so I love this video. All fruits, vegetables and whole grains are “superfoods” to me. But I go for the less hyped and in turn less expensive superfoods like brown rice and dried beans. Not as exciting or exotic but they’re just as healthy. I do like Goji berries, they taste yummy, so I disagree with the comments in this video that goji berries have no taste. They taste amazing when prepared right. Now chia seeds…no thank you. tehe

Peasants’ Soup / Thoroughly Modern My Vegan Cookbook

The dominant flavors in this peasants’ soup are the fennel seed and celery, which marry well with the earthiness of the lentils and barley. This recipe makes a lot of soup, which is great. Make this on a Sunday and have it waiting in the fridge for most of the week when you need something quick and filling. GO TO RECIPE >

My Vegan Cookbook is now completely responsive and works with all portable devices, small/large tablets and mobile phones. I’ve been noticing the past year that most of MVC’s traffic is coming from people who are using tablets or mobile phones. I think this year is the year that every website MUST make the switch. It’s imperative!

If you aren’t a computer geek skip this… I decided to build my responsive website from scratch. I didn’t want to use anything like Bootstrap because I wanted complete control of the look. Something about bootstrap that makes every website look the same. Plus I really wanted to dig in and understand what goes into coding a responsive website, it’s interesting to me. I started in early January and finished the end of this month. I worked on it day and night the entire 2 months. There was some hair pulling moments. :D It was much more complicated than I imagined. Coding isn’t the difficult part. The hard part was figuring out how the website’s content would stack together with each screen size break. During those 2 months I also worked on learning Javascript and how a web app is put together. I have some exciting ideas for free web apps that will happen (hopefully) pretty soon.

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