Vegan 2 Egg Yellow Cake

I’ve had some bad luck with my food photography lately. I lost both of my flashes this week. I turned the first one on and it made a snap, crackle popping, then started to smoke. The second I turned on and it began to flash repeatedly, then it too started smoking. I quickly unplugged them and am not brave enough to try and plug them back up to see if I can fix them. So in the trash can they went. So those have to be replaced. I feel very out of sorts with my food photography and recipes anyway. But that didn’t help. I always chuckle when I think about how many times I’ve been accused of having some kind of monetary agenda with this website. I’ve spent way more than I’ve ever made, which is currently zero. If my goal is or ever was to make money, than I’m a damn fool.

So I attempted to photograph this vegan 2 egg yellow cake using only the sun from the window, which hasn’t been out for more than a week. Hopefully I get some flashes before long.

I’ve been working on this 2 egg yellow cake for years. Nothing I could add to the cake gave it an egg-y taste. I had all but given up until I tried Just Mayo and realized it’s just what my cake needed. I’m not sure what they put into Just Mayo but it really does have an egg like mayo taste to it. The Kala Namak salt helps too but it’s optional and not essential. It just gives it that bit of boiled egg smell a yellow cake has. GO TO RECIPE >

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