Vegan Apple Praline Bread

A delicious vegan apple praline bread recipe. Good with a vegan cream cheese spread.  GO TO RECIPE >

I wanted to talk about something that has been discussed in some of the comments on my cake and bread recipes. I always add sugar to the dry ingredients. There are those who disagree with my method. It may be true that sugar is considered a wet ingredient. But let me explain why I do what I do. It is my opinion that sugar acts as a sanding agent when mixing together the ingredients. It helps remove lumps so you don’t have to stir too much. Over stirring a cake without eggs will result in a tough cake or bread in this case. I don’t know the science behind my method, but for me I have found it to work. If you doubt me, try both methods and see what gets the better results.

  • A. Rodgers

    This looks really wonderful, Josh. I don’t tend to buy powdered egg replacer. Do you think flax meal would work or a “fleg” (1T flax meal + 3T water)?

  • vegancookbook

    Thanks! eeks, I don’t know, maybe, I haven’t tried it. :D

  • A. Rodgers

    It turns out it works great! I also forgot the confectioner’s sugar, and it still turned out great.

  • A. Rodgers

    And today, I’m trying a gluten free version (my sisters are sensitive to gluten). Thanks for such great recipes, Josh.