How the ethical argument fails veganism

AR dietitian Ginny Messina has written, “The science of nutrition holds just as many questions as answers and we have no idea what the ‘ideal’ diet is.”  She says elsewhere that “the health benefits of veganism are overstated.”

Contrast her opinion with someone who has actual clinical experience, who actually treats patients, publishes peer-reviewed studies, and has a long track record for creating great health using a plant-based diet — someone like Drs. Fuhrman, Esselstyn or McDougall, who have shown again and again how to reverse serious diseases and create health using a plant-based diet.


I’m very pleased that someone has finally written a long-overdue response to the potshots taken by certain AR only vegans, (mainly Jack Norris & Ginny Messina) against the work of people like Esselstyn, McDougall, Fuhrman, Engine 2.  Jeff Nelson did an incredible job, although I don’t agree with everything in the article.  Some of his best points are made in the comments, read those as well. READ ARTICLE >

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