• Alyssa

    This did not turn out for me at all. The only change I made was to leave out the nuts and the applesauce, but it was still a goopy mess, even after an hour of baking. The flavor is good, however, and I will try this again. Perhaps this batter would be happier as muffins instead of a loaf.

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    Sorry to hear that. are you sure you didn’t accidentally leave an ingredient out? I’ve made it twice since I published the recipe and it seems to get better each time. Maybe it wasn’t done baking, maybe try baking it at a higher temperature. I just got a new oven and it cooks differently than my old one and I have to turn it up 25 degrees higher on everything. Hope that helps.

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    Alyssa, Also if you didn’t follow the directions exactly that would effect the outcome. The zucchini has to be coated in flour before you stir in the pineapple and sugar mixture. It’s key. If you just threw all the ingredients into a bowl and stirred, you’d have a mess.

  • http://zenofcarita.com/ Carita

    Yum! looks good,I must try to make this :)

  • Nina

    This is a fantastic recipe, and an absolute favourite in our house! I even took two loaves with us when we went away for the weekend. Everyone who tried it, loved it, and cannot believe there’s no oil in it. I always double the recipe because it’s so popular!