Ultimate Low Fat Baked Vegan Mac & Cheeze

Bubbling and hot baked, low fat vegan mac and cheeze. A revolutionary recipe that cooks the raw macaroni in with the sauce and water. As the macaroni cooks it releases the starch in the pasta to create an almost gooey texture to the vegan cheeze. The idea for this came from my Potato Au Gratin recipe which cooks the sauce and the potatoes together at the same time. What makes that recipe so good is that the starch is released from the potatoes as it cooks to create a similar effect with the cheeze sauce. It also prevents it from being watery and has a more concentrated flavor. It comes out of the microwave bubbling and hot. After it’s cooled it congeals and it all sticks together just like real mac and cheese.

If you are going to play around with this recipe and change it up I don’t recommend changing the water/rice milk and pasta ratio. It took some time to get that just right. But if you want to take out a tablespoon of the mustard or add some different spices I think you are safe to go. And I look forward to hearing what you did differently.

Before you ask, I don’t recommend cooking this in the oven instead. I tried it and you don’t get the same results. GO TO RECIPE >

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