Vegan “Chicken” Salad

Chunks of bursting-with-flavor “chicken” seitan covered in creamy, low-fat dressing with dill. Mixed together with crunchy celery, spring onions and plump cherry tomatoes. This is the ultimate vegan “chicken” salad. Makes a perfect light lunch with only 4.25 grams of fat. The flavor combinations make it perfect in-between homemade pumpernickel bread or on a bed of your favorite greens. GO TO RECIPE>

  • Kimberly Roberts

    this was amazing!!! thank you!!!

  • Heather

    Is there something you can sub for the tofu in this recipe. I have thyroid problems and can not eat soy.

  • CC Depp

    Yes, u can sub garbanzo beans or chickpeas in the same amount as tofu was called 4. Hopefully someone will see this when they need it. i know this comment was 6yrs ago. I would also say 4 those with almond issues, u can use garbanzo flour vs almond flour with excellent results.