Vegan Gingerbread Houses

Guess how I spent my summer? Working on this vegan gingerbread house epublication. I designed the houses, made them, photographed them and put together this publication in 3 months. It took longer than I imagined it would. It’s 46 pages, but almost 100 pages if you count the pdf files of patterns. I poured my heart and soul into this project and I hope a few people enjoy viewing it and possibly trying a vegan gingerbread house themselves. It’s free and you can view it online. Enjoy! CLICK HERE TO VIEW>

  • Kimberly

    This is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work on this. You’ve made my holidays.

  • Robyn

    WOW– this is AMAZING!! Great work! So many nteresting tips and ideas! Would you be interested in writing a blog post about this for my website,

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Robyn, I’d love to do a guest post! What do you have in mind? Email me myvegancookbook | @ |

  • Julie

    Amazing, beautiful gingerbread houses! Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  • vegandes

    Wonderful! I was searching for a gingerbread house recipe and came across this. Thanks so much for making/posting it! :):):)

  • Celeste

    Josh, This e-publication is so impressive, and I can understand why it took 3 months to create! My family is really looking forward to making gingerbread houses with your recipes. We also plan to make a gingerbread train. I will be linking to your site for the recipe from my blog Growing Up Veg. I cant wait to do the owl one at Halloweemn next year. Great work!