• http://vegspinz.blogspot.com VegSpinz

    Love how vibrant and crisp these look- nice that they’re baked too!

  • Carita

    Yum! I have to make some soon. :)
    + Very nice blog! <3

  • http://joiedejenn.tumblr.com Jenn

    These look delicious…will have to try soon!

  • Al

    I selected green tomatoes that were crisp but turning from green to yellow. The batter doesn’t stay together due to the skin on the side of the tomato slice. I could just peel it but I’d like the skin on. This cause the top and bottom of the breading to slide off especially when you’re trying to turn them at 15 mins. The tomatoes basically roast and turn into mush with broken breading on the top and bottom.