• http://www.kathy-prettyinink.blogspot.com kathy d

    Thanks for this! I needed a pick me up after water aerobics today, and this hit the spot. I altered the recipe slightly: Sugar instead of the substitutes, non-frozen fruit, and I swapped half the cherries out for strawberries. I also added 1/8 c of almonds for a little extra protein! ;) It came out totally delish (though a little thin, since my fruit wasn’t frozen). YUM! :)

  • Ali

    I make a similar smoothie but I use super dark chocolate (melted) and quarter of an avocado instead of soy milk, strawberries work great as well if you don’t have cherries. Also I usually sweeten with maple syrup. Love my smoothies!

  • Erin

    I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing! I am drinking it right now. I think next time I’m gonna try a tad extra on the cocoa and fruit. I may have used too big of ice cubes because it came out a tad watery. Very good though!!!

  • Chelsea

    I have been making a smoothie similar to this for a while, but I had NEVER thought to put cocoa powder in it. (Makes it AMAZING!)

  • Chelsea

    Oops, I meant to add what I do to up the fiber, and omega-3′s. I use about 1 c of unsweetened or homemade (raw) almond milk instead of 3/4cup, and I don’t use a frozen banana (mainly because I would never remember to cut and freeze it the night before). I also add a handful or two of baby spinach (washed thoroughly) and a 1-2Tbsp of chia seeds. Personally, I can’t taste the spinach at all because all of the other yummy flavors cover it up, but start slowly with how much you add and see what works for you! :) I have a vita-mix blender so I use whole chia seeds, but before I bought the vita-mix i used pre-ground chia seeds called “mila” that I bought at my local health food store. Those little guys pack in a lot of nutrients, including fiber, omega 3′s, and protein, among other things. If I’m making this for my boyfriend I add some almond butter (for more protein and to keep him full longer) and 1tbsp coconut oil and omit the spinach because he swears he can taste it even if there’s just one little piece. Anyway, great recipe love using the cocoa powder and vanilla now in addition.

  • Teresa

    This looks great. Will give it a try.

  • MandyM

    It was awesome. No go on the cherries at my Whole Foods so I did strawberries… and added Hemp Protein. I cant wait to make it again tomorrow. Thanks again, your blog is so helpful.

  • Ayla

    Now I can become a true vegan, smoothies were my weak spot and you saved me! Thank you so much Josh ^_^