Red Velvet Cake

A vegan version of the classic red velvet cake.

Usually I add lemon juice to my cakes to make them rise more. With this one I make an exception and add vinegar. I do this to mimic the flavor of buttermilk which is typically used in the non-vegan version of this cake.

Do not double this recipe. If you try to mix more than one recipe at a time it causes the cupcakes to become too tough or in some cases too gummy.

If you want to make an entire 3 layer cake instead of cupcakes, I recommend making and baking 1 layer at a time. 1 recipe equals 1 layer using a 8 to 9 inch cake pan.


  • Lynn

    I’m reading The China Study with interest and looking for a whole food, vegan cookbook, but I’m disapponted to see that you would use red food dye in a recipe.

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Lynn, Is this because the red dye is not vegan or just not good for you? In either case, red dye #40 is petroleum based and is vegan. Also, there are natural alternatives to red food coloring such as beet powder.

  • Kendall

    if i wanted to use eggs, how many should i use to replace the ener g egg replacer? thankss!

  • Kendall

    How many eggs would I have to use if i didn’t want to use the ener g replacement. Or even better, egg whites.


  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Kendall, I don’t know about the eggs as I don’t bake with them and don’t plan on testing real eggs ever. As a vegan I would never recommend using real eggs. These work great without them.

  • Liv

    Delicious! I just made these cupcakes and they have the perfect texture and flavor. I love this site. Thank you for sharing your recipes. My daughter has severe food allergies, so I am new to vegan cooking and have been fretting over trying to find a cake to make for her first birthday. I now have the perfect cake!