• Dottie Kemp

    Nowadays we’re also concerned about using vegetables which don’t contribute to calcium loss (osteoporosis), a better choice of greens would be kale , collards, bok choy not spinach, chard, or beet greens. These last three have long been known to remove calcium from our bones because of their oxalic acid content.

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    Yikes, I didn’t know that spinach could leach calcium from your bones. Thanks for sharing that info.

  • Sofi

    I wouldn’t use bok choy as it could impart a slippery or slimy feel to the soup. I really like this recipe, thank you!

  • Jay

    I had no idea spinach (which i love) could suck calcium from my bones.

    I love this bean recipe, but would add real onion & garlic to it rather than the powders. Might even add arugala at the very end instead of spinach.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • LPinto

    should not use sugar as it causes fermentation when mixed with protein.. and sugar will rob calcium from your bones, teeth….spinach is very healthful and does not leech or suck calcium from your bones….beans are protein and also contain calcium .. no worries for your bones