Question to you guys

Can anyone tell me if the Cheesecake flavored Jello Instant Pudding is vegan? I am looking on the box and it doesn’t appear to list any ingredients that aren’t vegan. I can’t seem to find any info after I googled it. Anyone know?

  • Gaby

    I’m almost positive it is! I’ve looked and double checked all the ingredients, nothing stands out, it’s just cornstarch, thickeners and sugar. I don’t know too much about flavorings but they’re probably all chemicals. So not healthy, but tasty! I use them to make vegan desserts all the time. They help make tofu “cheesecakes” a little cheasier, I’ve used them to flavor frostings, or even when I just get bored of plain oatmeal. I also get the other flavors too like butterscotch, or banana cream pie, cookies and cream, etc. It’s cool to get those flavors when we can’t eat the real thing :)

  • Amy Love

    if anything it might have mono and diglycerides and i believe which come from a non vegan source

  • Debis

    I always thought sugar is not considered vegan because it is sifted through animal bones.

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Debis, well about half of America’s sugar goes through a filtering process that uses bone char. But for those who are vegan or more correctly strict vegetarians for health reasons, this isn’t a concern. Sugar is cholesterol and fat free.

  • Courtney

    You can try the sugar free version as well

  • Cedar

    I thought Jello was made from animal gelatin…like hooves and such.