Peach Tart / Fall Recipe Rollout Week Begins

Today starts My Vegan Cookbook’s Fall Recipe Rollout Week. 7 new recipes, one new recipe each day. Don’t hold me to a new recipe everyday, I might screw up and miss a day. But I’m going to try (giggles). I am still working on fine tuning some of the recipes. I have some really exciting recipes coming up, you will not be disappointed, stay tuned!

I’m starting with my new Peach Tart recipe. A crispy whole wheat crust and a gooey peach filling with sparks of cinnamon. Only 5.75 grams of fat per serving and 164 calories. GO TO RECIPE>

  • Stefanie

    That looks awesome. I’m looking forward to more of your fall recipes.

  • Ginger

    Unless I can find organic (nonGMO) cornstarch, is there something else I could replace the cornstarch with? I’m excited about all the new recipes!!! Can’t wait to find time to try them all :o)

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Use arrow root instead, if you can find a nonGMO or possibly flour. Let me know if you can find a arrow root that works. It never occurred to me that the corn starch would have GMOs in it. So much to think about :O.

  • Tom

    I made a cherry version of this yesterday. It tasted good, but could use a bit more oomph. I’m going to play around with it a bit.