Night Of A Thousand Soups

I’ve been busy working on a new project and really don’t have time to think about what I’m going to eat from one meal to the next. I decided to spend 1 day a week making soups all day. I started today. It wasn’t that hard, my crock pot has been doing most of the work. I’ve made white and black beans and barley in it to start.

Last week I bought some BPA free plastic freezer jars. I’m putting all this soup into the jars. I have 12 jars and I’m going to have 2 meals a day of soup. 1 day of work will last me almost the whole week. Now I’m free to think about other things. When I get hungry at the end of the day I will not be tempted to just take the saltines and peanut butter down from the cabinet and start snacking before I actually eat. My plan is also to keep my fat grams down to 10 grams a day. My soups are completely fat free. I try to limit myself to 10 grams of fat for my second meal of the day. For my first week I made a black bean mole soup with cinnamon, all-spice and lime. A navy bean, barley and spinach soup. And my split pea soup recipe I have on my website. This is a great idea for busy vegans. I heart freezer jars. :D lol I realize the soups kind of look like throw-up in this pic.

To save time I’ve also gotten smarter about my exercise. I use to weight train 3 times a week and it took me 40 minutes each time. I discovered Jorge Cruise’s 12 Second Sequence DVD and only have to lift weights 20 mins, twice a week now. Not only that I’m getting much better results. He teaches you how to lift weights smarter. I realize now I’ve been swinging heavy weights around like an idiot. Now I have an extra almost 2 hours in my week to work on my new project. I highly recommend this DVD.

Also, random but I wanted to talk about vegan butter. I get emails a lot asking what kind of vegan butter I use. I always tell them that I use Smart Balance Light. BUT be careful. There are different kinds of Smart Balance. Make sure you buy the original that says “made with flax oil”. If it doesn’t, it’s not vegan. So check it carefully. I accidently bought some that wasn’t vegan the other day.

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