Tangy Italian Pasta

This recipe should have been posted a month ago to help use up all of the vegetables coming from your gardens. My bad for being a lazy vegan recipe blogger. This is a tangy Italian vegan pasta recipe and it is perfect for whole wheat pasta. GO TO RECIPE >

  • Christine

    This is a summer “go to” dish for me and my family… though I’ve never used almonds before. Thanks for the great idea. I love the picture but if I may give one suggestion?
    The only basil you see is the garnish on the plate, so the picture is not representative of the ingredients in the dish.

  • Christine

    By the way, I just happened on your blog and I must say “Thank you” for posting some really amazing recipes. I’m “on my way” to vegan… you’re recipes will make my journey so much easier! Especially since, like you I’m avoiding eating TVP. I like that your recipes don’t rely on processed foods either. In a few hours I’ve read back to February 2009 and I’m looking forward to the rest.

  • Ayla

    Made this tonight and it was Amazing!!! I added mushrooms and olives to it just cause they needed to be eaten. the dressing was my favorite I’m going to be using that on everything now. lol Thank you ^_^