White Cake Recipe

A perfectly moist vegan white cake recipe with a delicate taste.

Do not double this recipe. If you try to mix more than one recipe at a time it causes the cupcakes to become too tough or in some cases too gummy.

If you want to make an entire 3 layer birthday cake instead of cupcakes, I recommend making and baking 1 layer at a time.: D GO TO RECIPE >

  • Natalie

    I just wanted to let you know that I tried this and it came out wonderfully. I made a few adjustments because of what I had on hand and because I’m not totally vegan (though I will be one day :). I used two tablespoons of applesauce instead of canola oil (to cut the fat) and I used lime juice instead of lemon. I used I can’t believe it’s not butter fat free because I didn’t have vegan spread.
    It came out great. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  • Cindy

    can vegan butter be found in a local grocery store?

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Yes, sometimes you can find vegan brands. Do some research on google and check the label.

  • Christine

    Earth balance makes a ‘buttery spread’ as well as sticks (like butter) they’re vegan, expeller expressed, non hydrogenated and tasty!
    it’s also in lots of grocery stores.

  • Kristeen

    Hi Josh-

    I wanted to use this recipe for my daughter’s 6th birthday and I see that I will be making it 4x(lol), what is the timing and temperature you would recommend for this cake. Also, do you or can you recommend a “buttercream” frosting or frosting for the cake? Thank you!

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Kristeen, the time and temp are in the directions for making the cake. All ovens are different though. You can check every 10 mins by poking the cake with a toothpick, and when it comes out dry, it’s ready to take out. By the fourth layer you will have a good feel for your oven and how long to keep it in the oven. It’s really easy to mix up and plop in the oven.

    As for frosting, you can find a great vegan buttercream frosting here: http://www.chow.com/recipes/10856-vegan-fluffy-buttercream-frosting

    When I make the cake I make my own very low fat frosting from light vegan butter and I use very little. I didn’t publish the icing recipe cause most people would find it too sugary and too low fat. Hope that helps.

  • Kristeen

    Hi thank you for your quick response and info on an icing recipe. I am just clarifying, it is the same time and temp for baking/using this recipe as cake as well as baking/using as cupcakes? Thank you!

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Yes, use the same time and temp for both.

  • Stephanie

    Just wondering where you live and if there are any high altitude adjustments for this cake? I live in denver, and this will be the first time I’ve attempted a vegan cake recipe. Thank you

  • sarah

    I am excited to try these. The picture looks great. My vegan cakes always turn out strangely brownish in color, tend to be flavorless, and taste like they need more sugar. I have even tried using all the bad ‘white’ refined ingredients (white flour, cane sugar). Any ideas?
    Thanks for the recipe

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Sarah, this recipe will work for you. But I’m guessing you are using the recipes from that popular cupcake book? Not my favorite either.

  • Julia

    What is the yield of the recipe?
    I’m going to make square/rectangle cake layers, and your recipe doesn’t give specifications for square/rectangle pans. I just need to know the volume of the batter (in cups) or how many cupcakes the recipe usually makes. Or pan size if you know.

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Julia, I make 1 layer at a time per 1 recipe, using a round 8″ pan. Does that help?

  • Sherry Bell

    I made the cupcakes for my grandson who is allergic to all dairy and eggs–and they were wonderful!! Your pumpkin-spice cupcakes are wonderful too!! I’ve tried other recipes and these are the best! Do you think I could freeze them?
    Thank you,

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Sherry, thanks! Yes you can freeze all my cake recipes, I’ve done it and it even makes them more moist.

  • Monty

    I was looking for a nice cake for a strawberry-rhubarb dessert and this sounded like a good fit. A very simple recipe that turned just as I’d hoped and was perfect in the dessert. It wasn’t overly sweet and had a great texture – not crumbly or dry and not heavy or oily like pound cake. Can’t wait to try it out again, thank you!

  • Pops

    I have tried many vegan cake recipes and this one was soooo good it almost didn’t make it to the oven. Didn’t have the usual heaviness most vegan cakes do and was so quick and easy to make. THANKS SO MUCH for a new tasty treat staple!!! Can’t wait to make more!!

  • Hannah

    Hope it tastes as good as it looks…i myself am not vegan, but my landlords are, and so are their wedding guests. I have to make this for friday night, a 4 layer white cake (vegan of course). The first layer just came out of the oven and looks incredible, although it is very very dense. It doesnt seem dry dense, just very heavy. When I was mixing the ingredients, it almost seemed like there was too much flour even though I used exact measurements, so it was really thick, not too thick that I couldn’t mix or pour evenly, just almost like pancake batter. I just made the second batch, this time it was creamier. They are both cooking fully through at 20 mins in my gas oven, I just want to know what the texture/consistency is supposed to be. First time making vegan cake, not sure what to expect, although I do make an awesome vegan chocolate cupcake recipe! Thanks for any help!

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Hannah, the pancake consistency sounds right. Be careful not to over mix the batter. Leave some lumps. Over mixing makes the cake tough.

  • Ashley

    I was wondering. I am having a hard time finding clear vanilla. What will happen if I use just regular vanilla extract? Will it destroy the flavor or just make the color a little off?

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Ashley, Just make the color a little off.

  • Ashley

    I found the clear vanilla it was imitation so I was leary, but it turned out amazing! I made my very first VEGAN white cake (I am so tired of chocolate since we went vegan. I am a white cake lover.) I made it 3 layers and I have to say: THIS IS THE BEST WHITE CAKE I HAVE HAD! EVER. I loved it! Thank you so much for the recipe. The frosting link was awesome as well! :D

  • eva

    i made a three-layer cake with this recipe for my friends’ wedding. i was originally told that i could use local eggs (only one half of the couple is vegan, and he often fudges things for desserts), but after seeing the positive comments, i decided i had to try this recipe. i used a raspberry filling, and i iced it with vegan-buttercream frosting.

    it was quite possibly the most delicious cake i’ve tasted, vegan or not, and i got many, many positive comments. thanks for sharing!!

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Thanks for posting your review, so glad the recipe worked out for you!

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering if I could use almond milk in lieu of the water.

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Anonymous, Not sure how that would work. Maybe you should make it with water first, then the next time use almond milk so you can gauge what happens.

  • http://Facebook Denis’e

    I would like to know have anybody tried using coconut flour for this white care instade of using cake flour?

  • Sally

    Would like to use this for a jello poke cake for Memorial Day. My daughter has food allergies & I have not found safe cake flour(made on equip. w/dairy & nuts)I found a sub of 2 Tbsp cornstarch in 1 cup measure & fill w/unbleached flour. Do you think this will work & do I do that for each of the 2 cups called for? Thank you for any advise.

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Not sure if that would work, i’d add an extra teaspoon of baking powder to help make it fluffier if you do try it.

  • Leana

    I have to add my praise — this recipe made great cupcakes. My changes: melted coconut spread instead of vegan butter, plain white flour, no almond extract. I did these Only because I was to lazy to make a trip to the store, but the cupcakes are still delicious!

  • Jill H

    HELP please – I have been asked to bake an eggless birthday cake. Size 12×12″. How much of your recipe would I need to get this size?, as you recommend not doubling the recipe. Many thanks.

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Jill, I would bake 2 layers, make it twice and it would make 2 thinner 12 X 12 layers. Would that work?

  • Jill H

    I will try your suggestion and let yuou know the results. Many thanks.

  • Kiran


    I am considering making these as cupcakes for my first time baking for a large group of family members…. I know the instructions say cupcakes, but all the pictures and comments say you made a cake out of it! Can I make the same recipe as cupcakes? Normally my cupcake batter turns out thin and kind of liquid-y compared to the batter of the cakes I’ve made (and I’ve made quite a few of both!). But it’s been hard to find a good vegan recipe!Please let me know if you have made this as cupcakes before and how they turned out. Thank you!

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Hi Kiran,
    Yes, these make great cupcakes.

  • http://www.yogafixes.com Janet

    My daughter has an egg allergy so I have tried a half dozen different egg-free cupcake recipes. This one is BY FAR the best. Absolutely fabulous taste. Thank you!

  • Tanya Johnson

    I made this and it tasted great!! I changed a few things though. Instead of water I used coconut milk. Instead of using canola oil and vegan butter I used extra virgin coconut oil in place of both. Instead of lemon juice I used raw coconut vinegar. Then I added a cup of mini chocolate chips. It was moist, had a very slight coconut taste and everyone loved it!!! I will definitely use this recipe again.

  • Michelle

    Hello, by all the positive reviews I’ve read, this cake seems like the perfect match. I’ve had so many negative outcomes on my cakes since I’ve became a vegan. They come out dark, thick, dense and just not the appearance I like to c on a birthday cake. This one looks great! I will try it today. I was wondering if this will work as a base for a “tres leche cake”, I don’t know if your familiar with it. And also, can I use regular unbleached flour? Also, due to the baking soda content my cakes come out with a nasty baking soda taste even after opening a new box. Is there a substitution for baking soda? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just hoping for this one to turn out right before I throw in the towel. ;)

  • Jessica

    This is the BEST vegan white cake recipe I’ve encountered. so delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  • Angel Martinez

    Thank you very much for the White Cake Recipe! I have made it successfully and it is fluffy and delicious!
    I doubled the recipe and baked to 8″ pans together in the oven for 33 minutes at 350. No tough or gummy cakes here. Here’s why:

    I read your warning about doubling the recipe and read your procedure for the cake. After reading the recipe procedure, I realized why the doubling has failed for you. The sugar and the salt should be mixed with the liquids then poured into the flour mixture. The flour, baking soda, & the baking powder should be sifted together for even distribution. If you have lots of sugar sitting in the flour mixture, you have to mix more to incorporate it so the more sugar you have the more you have to mix and tougher the batter becomes. Mixing the sugar and water helps dissolve the sugar and less mixing into the flour has to occur. The baking time does increase slightly. Always check your cakes after the first 15 minutes of baking and the rotate positions in the oven for even baking.

    I used regular vanilla extract because imitation clear extract contains phosphoric stuff that really isn’t good. The regular vanilla doesn’t affect the color of cake by much at all.
    I also think that sugar should be specifically noted ‘NOT REFINED’ as regular refined granulated sugar is NOT vegan. I normally use raw cane sugar in my baking, but I feared that it would also affect the color. I used natural evaporated cane juice sugar which is vegan and it worked great!
    Thank you again for the ingredient list!

  • Tina

    Can I replace the vegan butter and canola oil with butter. Also lemon juice with vinegar. Also can the batter sit for a while when making cupcakes.

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Do you seriously think that I’m going to answer that? I am vegan and do not use real butter under any circumstance. :D The answer is obviously no. I’m not sure about the batter sitting around. It might work but I have never let the batter sit for a long period before putting it in the oven.

  • http://www.facebook.com/debbie.saltzman.5 Debbie Saltzman

    can you use vegan margarine instead of butter?

  • vegancookbook

    yes, I should have said margarine instead of butter, it’s what I meant :D

  • Meredith

    I made three batches for three layers and added food coloring to two of them. I hand mixed them as specified with the seperate portions of ingredients mixed together before combining and all three cakes came out 1/2 the height of your photo of each layer–including the layer with “no color”. The only change I made to the main recipe was to use almond extract instead of clear vanilla because i didn’t have any. Why would my cakes fail to rise?

  • vegancookbook

    It could be many things, the main thing off the top of my head, is old baking powder or bad baking powder. You say your cake didn’t rise as high as mine in the pic? That picture it is a small but tall cake, so if you used regular 8 inch cake pans, it would be half the height. I used 4 inch pans that were deep to get a high cake for the pic.

  • Meredith

    Ahhh! Thank you, I bet it’s the difference in the size of the cake pans. How would I get these layers as tall as yours in an 8″ pan? More batter? The baking powder was less than 6 months old but its possible to have been near the end of its time as it was nearing the end of the canister. The almond extract worked really well for taste and the texture is amazing. Thank you!

  • vegancookbook

    If you want a really tall cake you would make more layers. Nothing wrong with a 4 or 5 layer cake.

  • http://fmveg.org/ Kathleen Keene

    Actually, I’m pretty sure beet sugar is vegan, as it’s not put through the bone char process. Sugar cane sugar is though. We live where there is both, maybe you do too?

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Carrie Bagley

    Did the cake work at the high altitude? I wondering that as well