White Cake Recipe

A perfectly moist vegan white cake recipe with a delicate taste.

Do not double this recipe. If you try to mix more than one recipe at a time it causes the cupcakes to become too tough or in some cases too gummy.

If you want to make an entire 3 layer birthday cake instead of cupcakes, I recommend making and baking 1 layer at a time.: D GO TO RECIPE >

  • Clare Kelaher

    I used this recipe to bake a cake for my sister in law who is vegan. the cake was perfect! She loved it :) thanks for a perfect recipe. (I used self raising flour as we can’t get cake flour easily in australia, didn’t seem to have any effect on the final product, still delicious!)

  • Fatema Essaji

    Hi there! I am really excited to try this recipe out! I saw in the comments you said you baked this recipe in a 4 inch tin for the pic.. was wondering how long do you bake the cake for if you’re making it in a 4 inch tin? Many thanks!