Broccoli Salad

Don’t just make use of those left over broccoli stalks, make ‘em DELICIOUS! You will love this broccoli salad recipe.

Use a nice organic raisin please. It will make all the difference in the world when it comes to taste. I use Newman’s Own brand, which I have found to be the best.

The fat and calorie count is without the sunflower seeds, so keep that in mind. GO TO RECIPE >

  • veggievixen

    i love broccoli in general, but the stems are just so darn good!! i usually save them for making veggie stock or to put in my compost, but this is a great use too!

  • Burnz

    i love salad. i love this salad not only because i love eating salad but broccoli is really healthy for us.

  • Erin

    Having grown up in the south, I LOVE broccoli salad. We used bags of pre-shredded broccoli stalk, but now that I’m out west I can’t find them anywhere, so I like the idea of just using whole broccoli stalks. Looks great!

  • lilfairywren

    I made this salad and it is really refreshing, and not too bold in flavours, will definitely make it again, and again!!

    Thanks Josh…

  • Ginger

    Is there some replacement for the raisins, or can you just leave them out?

  • Janie

    This is absolutely delicious! Fresh flavors, nice balance of textures. I will make this again and again. I used currants instead of raisins, pulsed the carrot with the brocolli and onion in the food processor, and substituted almonds for sesame seeds. You could try a lot of fun variations with this one.