Cheezey Spinach & Mushroom Pockets

Inside, spinach and mushrooms mixed with a cheese-like sauce. Outside, a delicious and biscuit-y crust. Mmmmmm.

A healthy & vegan alternative to those frozen stuffed pocket meals. GO TO RECIPE >

A note, I’m working on figuring out how well these freeze. I stuck one in the freezer tonight and will have the answer tomorrow at lunch. I plan to zap it in the microwave. Will the crust become tough? Join me at my twitter, where you’ll be the first to know.

  • Erin

    Like a healthy hot pocket! Looks very tasty.

  • jenitreehugger

    They look so good. But you know the thing that pleases me the most about this recipe? It doesn’t use Soy Cheese! Not that I don’t like Soy Cheese, ‘cos I do, it’s just that it’s a nightmare to get it here without re-mortgaging my house!
    I’m gonna make these for sure – thanks for the recipe.
    *thumbs up*


  • Erin d

    Is there a difference between the powder and flake yeast. I tried this recipe and it had a very harsh taste. I think it was the yeast but never used it before. It almost tasted bitter. Needless to say I could not eat them but the dough was good. Not sure if it is an aquired taste or if I am just used to the real taste of cheeses.
    Thanks for any info. Erin

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    It could make a huge difference. I use Bob’s Red Mill Large Flake Nutritional Food Yeast. It may be that you bought something like a supplement powder, it’s usually called Yeast Plus or something like that. Totally different stuff.

    Nutritional yeast is a taste that I had to get used to, so maybe start with half the nutritional yeast and add a little more each time you make the recipe.

  • Peelochus

    These are delicious! I’m not a huge fan of the sharp flavor of nutritional yeast but this crust really balances it out. I sautéed fresh mushrooms instead of using canned ones and they worked. Thanks for your amazing recipes!

  • Krys Kagan

    We loved these. And they were a hit with my 1 year old and 3 yeard old sons. Thanks.

  • Iyabo

    How did these freeze?

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Iyabo, I don’t think I’ve freezed them yet. I need to get on that, aha.

  • Heather

    I’m gonna make these this week and freeze some, so I’ll let you know how it went.

  • A. Perez

    Nutritional yeast is not bitter. It taste good. Ive seen this before on other sites..People think they went out and bought nutriotional yeast when they instead bought bakers yeast (I think thats what its called) its bitter and many people confuse it for the nutritional yeast. There is even one time where the store messed up and put bakers yeast into the nutritional yeast bin..they are not the same thing…Id recomend you buy the Bob’s Red Mill brand first so you know what its suppose to look and taste like that way youll know if you bought the wrong yeast somewhere else…
    Same thing happens when people go out to buy glutten and instead buy glutten flour which sometimes is and sometimes isnt glutten or flour with a lot more glutten..There is a problem with the name/definition so then you get people who hate gluten cause its “Doughy” and people who hate nutritional yeast cause its bitter and neither know they bought the wrong thing..

  • Pauline

    Wow! Tasty, healthy vegan?? Hot pockets! Yum yum! Great creation!

  • Rachel Earnest

    Did anyone ever freeze these?

  • vegancookbook

    I haven’t tested freezing them. They get gobbled up so quickly there hasn’t been any left to test lol. But I imagine they would freeze, can’t see any reason they wouldn’t. I will test them next time and control myself to leave one to test. I’ll also test microwave time.