• AmyR

    This was really great — a very nice flavor. It took much much longer for the potatoes and carrots to cook, though. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Kyla

    When I made it, the veggies cooked in the time suggested on the recipe.

  • Marie

    I love this recipe! It’s simple, affordable and so delicious. It’s hard to find quick, easy vegan recipes that my family will eat, but this was a huge hit. Thanks!

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Thanks for the comment Marie, glad you liked this recipe.

  • Meghan

    This was a very tasty recipe! And so easy to put together!

  • Meghan

    Oh – forgot to mention – the rosemary in this recipe is perfect for the dish. Really nice flavor.

  • Amber M

    My husband and I both loved this! We diced the vegetables into smaller sizes since we like our vegetables nice and soft. We used approximately half a teaspoon of salt. Neither one of us likes onions so we didn’t use one. The flavor was fantastic! We ate whole wheat bread with earth balance spread along with it.

  • Michelle Cox

    Very yummy. Thank you for another great recipe!