• http://vegetarianismisforeverybody.blogspot.com veggievixen

    oooh that looks really good. one of those everything-in-your-fridge-and-pantry meals…my favorite!

  • Colie

    So flavorless.how can anyone eat this? Just tried. So not worth it

  • new to vegan

    Not flavorless if you leave out the cup of water, chuck in some extra herbs and top with ground sea salt. That or substitute the tin tomatoes with a jar of basil pasta sauce. I served it over wild rice. The kids only complained a little bit and eventually ate it too.

  • vanessa

    Sorry Josh, I’m not a fan either. I’ve tried a few of the other recipes and thought, “wow, he has good taste,” but this one caused me some doubt. Definetly put the recipe and the leftovers in the trash! Maybe you should just delete it so know one else blames you for a ruined dinner, just joking, at least about the blame but, really, DELETE IT!