Vegan Hot Cocoa

With this recipe I wanted to not only make a thick and creamy hot cocoa I also wanted a thick frothy foam to form on top, mimicking melted marshmallows. This recipe accomplishes that. You will see a frothy foam form on top as you are mixing it. Even more so than in the photo. I had to take some of the foam out so that the cocoa would show through. GO TO RECIPE >

I recommend that you use Thai Kitchen’s Pure Coconut Milk. It has no chemical additives or preservatives like some other brands.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all my readers.

  • maria g. cabangis

    this makes my mouth watery, thank you for sharing. my question is do the sugar in this recipe white or brown? can i use brown sugar for this n how much should i use?

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Maria, white sugar.

  • Nikkie

    What can I use if I am allergic to coconut?

  • nikki k

    SWEET I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make a cup of hot cocoa with all that yummy frothyness (that ussually makes other drinks extra fattning lol) By the way…THATS something I’ve never even THOUGHT of to put into it… TOFU!! which not mention I LOVE the stuff. Since I first tried it, I cant get enought of it.((: As for coconut milk?, I’ve never tried it, I ussually buy Rice milk or almond milk, is that ok??

  • vegancookbook

    Yes, rice milk doesn’t froth up very well, it’s not creamy enough.