Vegan Stuffing

The perfect Thanksgiving stuffing for stuffing baby pumpkins, squash or peppers.

The one thing I hate about stuffing is all the bread used. I rarely eat bread because most bread has high fructose corn syrup in it. Sandwich bread is the devil in my book. So to chop it into cubes and make it the highlight of a dish, eww. I’m not going to eat that. So with this recipe the thing that I had in mind was; how do I improve on that? I went through everything, even making my own bread. That was ruled out because it’s too time consuming. I finally found some organic salad croutons with no high fructose corn syrup from Fresh Gourmet that didn’t seem SO bad. So I highly recommend these croutons for this recipe, it makes it. I’ve also bulked up the recipe with wild rice and dried cranberries which gives this stuffing real zing. There was a trade off however, the croutons have more fat.

This recipe makes enough to stuff 2 Gold Nugget Squash. GO TO RECIPE >

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