Brunswick Stew

Just like my barbecue sandwich I use hearts of palm to give this Brunswick stew recipe it’s meaty stringy texture. Nothing says fall like a brimming bowl of Brunswick stew. This recipe uses fire roasted tomatoes which I started using after I read Susan’s (of tomato soup recipe entry. Props go out to her for turning me on to those. I sometimes have trouble getting them at the grocery store I shop at and solved that by ordering bulk at They really do add a lot of depth to chili, soups and stews. GO TO RECIPE >

I wanted to remind everyone how important it is to follow the directions of a recipe exactly. I was making my own pizza cheeze the other day and I didn’t follow my own recipe. I didn’t measure, added some new ingredients (feeling cocky and creative) and it didn’t turn out. I’m guilty of doing this with other people’s recipes as well. What is the point of following a recipe if you are going to add your own ideas to it and not even bother to accurately measure? Having people blog about making my recipes is both exciting and sometimes quite difficult, as I can be a little bit of a control freak. It pains me to read someone take out my brownie cookies in mid baking. And I’m powerless to stop them from photographing the results. lol But who am I to tell someone they can’t eat cookies partially baked?

I got an amazing fake Salisbury Steak recipe coming up at the start of next week. If you loved my lentil loaf recipe, you’re going to love this one.

Chocolate Cake

This is the perfect chocolate cake recipe. If you are like me, pretty new to vegan baking and have been searching for a perfect chocolate cake, but haven’t found it, this is the one. This recipe isn’t incredibly original. It’s a tweaked version of a recipe I got from a vegan cooking DVD, which they said was a depression era cake. One of the things I adjusted was replacing the vinegar with lemon juice, it does the exact same thing but doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste. I have never liked vegan cake recipes that use vinegar because I can always taste it. I mean, you would have to right? Have you ever tried to drink straight vinegar? It’s beyond repulsive.  GO TO RECIPE >

Halloween Garland



This Halloween garland, beautifully illustrated by Jess Latham ( was done in a vintage style. We have a haunted house on a hill, wicked witch on a broomstick, a provoked black cat, scary pumpkins and a ghostly grave scene.

Just print out as much garland as you want to make on white 8 x 10 card stock paper, cut out and join them together with those small scrapbooking brads. Easy easy. Decorate a doorway, string it on walls or festoon the edge of a table.



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