Barbecue Sandwich (Soy Free), From Hearts Of Palm

I had been looking for something that would create a stringy meaty barbecue sandwich for a while. By accident I picked up a can of hearts of palm at the grocery store, instead of the artichoke I was meaning to grab. When I got home and opened the can and saw the perfect white cylinders I didn’t know what to think. I had never seen hearts of palm and hadn’t a clue what to do with them. I dug my knife into them and studied them closer. The middle slid out and had a very stringy tender texture. And the sides were a crispier version of the middle. My imagination went to work. My mindlessness at the grocery store had struck gold. I’m not sure if this is an original idea. I did a search on google to see if someone had thought of this before. But I could not find any barbecue sandwiches using hearts of palm. So if I’ve discovered something that’s been discovered already, sorry for stepping on any toes.

Hearts of palm create an amazingly shredded pork like texture. This recipe is majorly quick and delicious! And can you believe fat free!? It’s also soy free if you opt not to use the soy sauce. This recipe is addictive! GO TO RECIPE >

I like to top my barbecue sandwich with crispy slaw. I made a quick vinegar and sugar dressing by throwing 1/4 cup of water, vinegar and sugar into a sauce pan and bringing it to a boil. Add a dash of black pepper and salt to this and pour over 3 cups of shredded cabbage.

Pizza, Thick Crust Style

This is 3 recipes really. A Basic Whole Wheat Pizza Dough, Thick & Hearty Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella Style Cheeze. All of these make up this pizza, which is a thick crust style. I think mushrooms work well with the sauce and cheese. So I recommend topping with mushrooms. And maybe a little fresh basil on top if you have it. Every time I make this pizza for company, they rave over it. Even non vegans want the recipe.

I’m no stranger to making pizzas. I’ve been making homemade pizzas since the early 90s. I guess it started during my “Susan Powter Fat Free Phase”. There was no way I’d allow myself pizza with high fat cheese from Pizza Hut. Frozen pizzas — well forget about it! I used low fat Parmesan cheese during those days. And that fake rubber fat free cheese, ick. I think it was better just to leave it off. I still hadn’t figured out how bad for my health the cheese was, even low fat. When I first started transitioning into a vegan diet, almost 2 years ago, I was worried that cheese was going to be the hardest to give up. And I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it’s been. With these pizza recipes, who needs anything else?

Oh and bake the pizza on 400 until light brown on the bottom.

Zucchini Bow Tie Pasta

How to describe this pasta? First, there is the slight tang and zip from the lemon, garlic, fresh basil, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Then there is the mellow buttery flavor from the vegan butter and zucchini to give it balance. All of this nicely juxtaposed against the nutty flavors of the almond and whole wheat pasta. Only 272 calories in a whole heaping cup full and 5 grams of fat. GO TO RECIPE > 

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