Chick Spread

This recipe was created by my sister Paige. It taste great with crackers as a dip or as a sandwich spread. I was surprised how much it taste like chicken. In fact when I first tried it I thought someone was tricking me with actual chicken spread. This is great to have in the fridge for when those late night munchies attack. GO TO RECIPE >

  • Erin

    Your picture is lovely! The spread sounds really good. I’ve made similar things from chickpeas OR tofu, but never though to combine the two.

  • http://www.rootsveganinthesouth sharih

    Miss your recipes, you are very talented and creative. Hope all is well.

  • Nancy Lavoie

    Hi Josh,

    I was wondering what kind of seasoning salt you were using in the chick spread, I really like chickpea salad sandwiches but this looks similar to a turkey salad my mother used to make for me as a kid. That was over 45 years ago!

    Thank you for sharing your recipes, Nancy

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    It’s seasoned salt, I think I worded that wrong ; D. It’s just a blend of salt and paprika and stuff.

  • Aj

    I made this last night and was very good!!! It did taste someone slipped some chicken in there! Good combo of ingridients…

  • Shelly Hawes-Smith

    This is delicious! I added 1/2 tsp salt to mine and a smidge of the ‘no chicken’ bouillon by Better Than Bouillon and it really does taste like chicken salad. I’ve been using it as a sandwich spread or on top of a green salad. it’s good as a veggie dip too. I think this will be a regular resident of my fridge!

  • Kim

    Wow! Really, really great and no store-bought vegan (or otherwise) mayo. Wonderfully healthy but I think it will work with people who don’t even care about health. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!