Best Burger (Soy Free)

Low fat, vegan burger, that’s completely soy free. The texture is perfectly chewy and it taste as good as it looks. GO TO RECIPE >

I made a dill sauce for the burger (it’s that white dill speckled ooze in the picture) from my vegan mayo recipe by adding 1/2 tablespoon mustard, 1/2 teaspoon balsamic vinegar, a little garlic powder and 1/4 teaspoon dill weed. That’s not soy free so if you are avoiding soy completely…

  • Erin

    This sounds like a good tasting burger, and an interesting technique too. I’d be interested to see if they hold up to grilling after the initial cooking.

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    I actually did grill some and I didn’t even precook them before. What I did was take a peice of aluminum foil and spray it with cooking spray and lay it over the grill and cooked it on that. It worked great. Gave them a great smokey flavor.

  • Titatou

    The texture of this burger is perfect. Savour is excellent.
    Thank you for this recipe.

  • Paige J

    This burger has a great texture, good taste, thanks. Will make again.

  • lilac

    What is the purpose of using wheat gluten? Can that be left out?

  • fiddler

    Great texture, great color. I used 2 1/2 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar, and I think the burgers tasted vinegar-y. Any thoughts?

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Try using less Balsamic or use soy sauce if soy doesn’t bother you.

  • oforlife

    So delicious!

  • kashburne

    Is the flaxseed referenced in this recipe whole or ground?

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Kashburne, it’s ground, yes.

  • sammy

    These are really delicious! Great texture, too. I used reconstitutes shiitake mushrooms instead of canned. Thank you, Josh!!

  • pickles

    what could you replace the gluten and wheat with?

  • Alli

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! It’s hard being a vegetarian allergic to soy and beans. Thanks!

  • jeni treehugger

    LOVING the sound and look of this burger recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  • Laura

    Very good .. I am trying recipes on your site for myself, but also for my 6 year old daughter. She’s not very open-minded when it comes to food, and she gave these burgers 2 thumbs up. “Delicious,” she said … Thank you Josh

  • Jour

    I want to try this but I’m allergic to mushrooms. any good substitutes I can use?

  • Beth

    Can I freeze these?

  • Shelly Hawes-Smith

    These were good! I had mine with a side of vegan queso and cornchips and the queso went well on the burger too!

  • AJ

    OK I made these over the weekend for my co-worker, my clients, and myself and they were a hit!!!! These burgers remind me of my pre-vegan days when I ate morning star farms garden burgers(but these are better). I also made the special sauce u featured up above to a T and it was so complimentary to the burger!!!

  • Gail VT

    This was a great burger. Quick and easy to make. Very satisfying.

  • Michi the vegan

    My husband and I LOVED these burgers!! I will use a little less vinegar next time.

  • felicia

    The burgers sound great but can I leave out the wheat gluten as I have been told I should be gluten free.

    thanks for the reply

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Felicia, this burger also has flour in it. Maybe you could use arrow root in place of the wheat and gluten? Or maybe egg replacer.

  • Ginger

    This is a best burger! I have tried many burgers after becoming vegan. Was used to the Morning Star Grillers. Now this is a keeper!!!! Thanks, Josh!

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Thanks for the comment Ginger. Glad you liked this burger as much as I did.

  • Nichole

    Oh my WORD!! I made this burger over the weekend and was astounded. I have to admit that I had serious reservations about it because I’m phobic of anything mushroom, but forged ahead anyway and I’m very glad I did. :)

    What I really love about this recipe is that there is minimal babysitting. I love burgers with sauteed veggies in the mix, but sometimes I just want a night off. This recipe is perfect–just turn on the rice cooker and let it do the babysitting.

    I think that texturally this burger is the closest thing to actual hamburger that I’ve ever eaten (although it’s been quite a few years since I’ve had real hamburger). Thanks so much for the delicious recipe!

    P.S. Josh, have you tried these on the grill? I’m tempted to give it a shot if they’d hold together well enough.

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Thanks for the comment Nichole, yes I have grilled these burgers, in fact the ones in the photo were grilled. They are even better grilled cause it gives them a smokey flavor.