Vegan Mayo (Low Fat)

How is this vegan mayo different from the other recipes out there? Glad you asked. I add corn starch to mine and simmer on the stove and this thickens it. The result is something very glossy, thick and creamy but very low in fat. You can scoop mine out with a spoon and turn the spoon over and it won’t budge. If you have been disappointed with other vegan mayo recipes because they are thin and wet, try this one.

I rarely eat sandwiches cause I can’t find much to go in between them but just as soon as my red ripe giant tomatoes start coming out of the garden you can bet I’ll be eatin’ this mayo with tomato sandwiches. GO TO RECIPE >

  • Vegocentric

    That’s quite the serving size… someone likes their mayo!

  • Paige J

    I made this today, and it is awesome! Believe me, when you get a taste of it, you will want to slather it on. Better than regular mayo.

  • Pat

    This is really good–thanks for posting it. Mine didn’t turn out glossy, but it has wonderful thickness, consistency, and taste. I made a double batch so I could use a cup to make some homemade vegan ranch dressing, and it was delicious with your mayo. Given our love of mayo and mayo-based dips and dressings, I will always make a double or triple batch of this when preparing it.

    Is there a secret to achieving the gloss? Mine had more of a matte finish, and I’d love to figure out how to get a shiny result.

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Pat, if you cook it too long you won’t get the gloss and it may clump a little. You have to take it off the stove just as it starts to get a little thick, hopefully that will give you the gloss. I noticed that I cooked some I made too long and it didn’t have that gloss. I need to put that down in the recipe. It will continue to thicken up after you take it off the stove, so you want to keep that in mind. You want to get it almost to the thickness you want and take it off the stove and continue stirirng to cool it and take out any lumps.

  • Pat

    Your suggestion did the trick, Josh. I made another double batch today, and took the saucepan off the heat when the mixture was almost as thick as I wanted. It worked well–it still has the nice consistency, and it’s shiny now, just as I wanted. This recipe is really good in pasta salads. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question, and thank you for your terrific recipes!

  • veganforaday

    I just ran out of that nasty Best Foods Mayo and am looking for something a bit more natural and healthy and less costly. This recipe sounds great! I’m excited to try it out, but have a question:

    What is the best method to store this mayonnaise and how long will it last?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    I store mine in an old mason jar. It works for me. Something that seals up would work, tupperware etc. I keep it in the fridge for about 6 days.

  • dusia

    I like this recipe. I only have to concerns. 1. vinegar makes the teeth rotten 2. sugar is not so healthy neither. How would you replace them? Thank you for your website and the effort to make it very nice!

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Dusia, I recommend a feeding tube. : )

  • Felini

    I made this and wasn’t crazy about it, until I added the ingredients for the sauce for the Best Burger. Wow, this sauce is unreal. Everyone I have asked to try just loves it. I am not crazy about the taste of tofu, I know, most folks say it doesn’t have a taste, but alas, I can taste it. In the sauce for the burger I cannot and it is fabulous. Thank you for your for sharing your talent with these recipes

  • Erin

    I made this mayo to go with steamed artichokes, and it was great! I really liked it. I even cheated and microwaved it and it still came out great. Thanks!

  • jayne

    I made this to make another sauce with. What a great mayo! I’m going to try this in tempeh chick’n salad. Thanks for developing this. I will probably decrease the sugar just a tad, but I can say good-bye to runny sauces!!

  • Mickey Saathoff

    Ducia–The vinegar can be replaced with fresh lemon juice or orange juice and the sugar can be replaced with either raw honey or agave nectar.

    Josh with your permission I would really like to use some of your recipes made with an alkaline twist. With full credit to you of course.

  • Mickey Saathoff

    oops forgot, lol- you can also replace the corn starch with arrow root or guar gum, guar gum root pwd seems to hold form better over the long haul with a need for cooking

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Mickey, Alkaline twist? Please explain. I’m fine with my recipe being posted elsewhere as long as my photos are not used. I like for my photos to remain on my site.

  • Connie Fletcher

    I think I need a class in tofu. The silken tofu in the recipe….firm, soft, ???? I am still working on what kind of tofu is what……thanks.

  • Connie Fletcher it figured out. I couldn’t wait for an answer, so I got the only kind I could find..soft silken and this is delicious. I went ahead and added the mustard and dill…yum!! Thanks for the recipe. Now, could you make a creamy pesto using this method…..hmmm.

  • Connie Fletcher

    Guess I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I combined your two recipes…the cheeze sauce for the fegan eggplant parm (which we’re having tonight) and this mayo recipe..bits and pieces from here and there, and got a really nice creamy pesto sauce. I had a ton of basil to do something with….thanks…the flavors from the cheeze sauce are wonderful……..

  • zoe

    Hi, I just made this mayo and I could really taste the starch in it. I added more tofu (after cooking) and that helped but it seemed to already have a mayo-like consistancy when I put it on the stove, and then it just got clumpy. Did I do something wrong?

  • ana

    How long does it last in the refrigerator?

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    ana, 3 days.

  • Emma

    i made this the other day, i really wasnt all that crazy about it :( it was my first attempt at making a vegan mayo! i will mess around with it! thank you for the recipe!!

  • My Vegan Cookbook

    Thanks for the comment! My veggie dip might be something you like better to use as mayo, it has more fat in it. You should try that.