Spicy Vegan Hot Wings

Vegan hot wings that are spicy, saucy and with a little bit of sweetness. The texture closely mimics that of a chicken nugget.

These hot wings are absolutely free of isolated soy proteins and only 2.5 grams of fat per wing. GO TO RECIPE >

  • caela

    Hi Josh,
    These look really good and I’m planning on taking them to a picnic this weekend. Do you have a dipping sauce you recommend (I know that ‘wings’ are usually served with ranch dressing) or do you just eat them as is?

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    I eat them as is but I am working on a faux blue cheese sauce for them but I haven’t quite gotten it yet. I have the base though, but the blue cheese flavor isn’t there yet. I don’t really think they need a dipping sauce though, the sauce that’s on them is so good.

  • ev

    Hey – finally trying these wings. I’m excited as hell cuz they look delicious. They are in the oven now.

  • ev

    Those were good. I should have followed your suggestion to freeze, thaw and drain the tofu cuz mine were a little moister than they should have been. But texture was nice and that sauce is killer! Pineapple is delicious in it…

  • ev

    Josh, what’s the deal about isolated soy protein? I’ve tried to google it, but haven’t found enough info to make informed decisions about it or to relaly know what foods it’s found in.

    Also, have been trying my luck with making my own seitan from vital wheat gluten (hoping to save money that way). First attempt: not so good. Too, bread-y, I guess. Any suggestions?

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Here is a great youtube video explaining what it is, why it’s bad and where it’s found. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHYFOJBU434

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Oh and I’ve never made my own seitan, so I don’t know anything about it.

  • sammy

    I’m making these today–they look delicious. I have a couple of questions: my extra firm tofu comes in 15.5 oz. package (broken into 2 separate compartments). Do I use 2/3 block of this size package? (I know the firm tofu in your other recipes comes in 14 oz. package so that’s why I ask.)

    Also is the mustard in this recipe the powdered kind or the prepared gooey kind?

    I realize you probably won’t answer today so I’ll just wing it. (pardon the pun)

    I will not shape them as wings, though, since I prefer not to think about chickens as I eat these–might spoil my appetite.

  • Jessica

    Hey, Josh. I’ve been wanting to try these but both my sister and I have an allergy to pineapple. Is there anything I could substitute for it? I’m at a loss.

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Jessica, maybe some orange marmalade?

  • http://monkeyrum.tumblr.com monkeyrum

    Hey I made these and they were delicious!!! Thanks so much for the recipe, i put the picture on my tumblr if you wanna see how mine turned out. Awesome!

  • Becky

    These are great! The sauce is yummo!! My 5 year old said “Let’s make these again and again!” I left the chipotle powder out of his portion :)

    I’m excited to try some of your other recipes- thanks for sharing!!

  • sophie

    these are so worth the process of making them!! the sauce is amazing! we made them last night and i just had a couple cold from the fridge for breakfast.. we also whipped up a little “ranch dressing” to dunk them in. so thankful for this recipe!

  • Ginger

    If you were going to make some vegan hot dogs, what would you put in them for the flavor? Have you ever tried to make any?

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    I have been working on a hot dog like recipe and old bay seasoning seems to be a good flavor.

  • Zena Herbert

    These have been very successful for me and I’ve made them with soya beans as well as chick peas. If I leave out the hot stuff and make them into torpedoes (himself doesn’t like food that looks like meat) he raves about them. Excellent cold, too, so very useful for a picnic or packed lunch. A big thank you.

  • tandi

    I made these as a lunch for my 7 year old son. I subbed spicy sauce with a bbq sauce and the whole family was drifting into the kitchen as they baked. They were so perfect looking and he was glad to have a lunch that looked like everyone elses but didnt harm animals. We have some premade in the freezer, ready for a last minute chikn request. Its is difficult to be a vegan kid in a country school so your recipes have become a staple to our lunch menu. Thanks

  • Sussie Due

    In the recipe it calls for 2/3 a block of extra firm tofu. At the store, the blocks come in two sizes. Which size should I get?

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Sussie, a 14oz block of tofu :D

  • Sussie Due

    Thanks! I’m going to try this tomorrow!

  • Laura Elmore

    I’m new to the whole Vegetarian thing, but I’m just thrilled by the prospect of being able to make my own meat replacements (especially since the store bought ones are not all that great and expensive to boot!) I tried making these wings today and they were pretty good. I suspect I left a little too much liquid in the tofu, so they were a little softer than I would prefer, but still they hit all those meaty satisfaction notes one expects. I can see myself happily eating like this for the rest of my life! (my family also has a history of heart disease as well) Thanks for sharing all these recipies!

  • Danielle

    Hi again.. :P
    I was wondering about the vegan butter.
    Where I live it’s nowhere to be found.
    Do you have some recipe so I can make it myself?
    or perhaps some idea of a substitute?

    Thanks a lot again!

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    Danielle, try olive oil, that should work.

  • Nichole

    Hey Josh,

    Even when I ate meat I wasn’t really into the whole “hot wings” idea (they kinda gave me the creeps to look at, even as a carnivore), but these look delicious! I’m not usually scared of a little heat, but my husband tends to get heartburn if things are too spicy. I just got some chipotle powder, but have never cooked with it before, and I’ve never used cajun seasoning before because of my husband’s low heat tolerance. Which one is spicier? Could I leave the spicier one out and the sauce still come out okay? Or do you have a mild version you could recommend?

    Thanks in advance! Love your recipes! :)

  • http://www.myvegancookbook.com/ My Vegan Cookbook

    I am very heat phobic too and I find these hot wings very mild. Try putting half the chipotle powder to start out with and see what you think. The cajun seasoning is very mild I probably wouldn’t worry about that. Thanks for the comment, hope you come back and tell me how it all went with the heat. Hopefully your husband doesn’t get a blast of heat :O

  • Cassie

    I made these for the Superbowl today! They were very yummy!

    I found that mixing it all together with a pastry blender made it very easy to mix evenly.

  • Nichole


    Finally got around to making these for me and my heartburn-prone husband. They didn’t bother him a bit! I’d love to try slathering BBQ sauce on them. Do you think they’d cook well as a patty, like a BBQ “chicken breast”? Also, have you tried freezing the mixture, or at least refrigerating it a while? I’d like to keep some on hand for quick and easy suppers, but didn’t know how well it would keep.