Ultimate Low Fat Brownie Cookies


These are oh so delicious and you don’t get that sick feeling like you ate a bucket of shortening. I’ve made these cookies for a few friends and they all said it was one of the best cookies they’ve ever eaten! You would never guess that these had whole wheat and flax seeds in them and are low in fat. They have the perfect chewy texture and rich chocolaty flavor. GO TO RECIPE >

Vegan “Cheese” Ball


My goal was to make a vegan “cheese” ball that contained no hydrogenated oils or isolated soy protein. After many months of experimentation, it’s finally done! The blended almonds, tofu and pine nuts create a velvety texture and taste that closely resembles that of real cream cheese. It was hard to get a mix of ingredients that would form a ball but also taste good. What amazed me was that it actually wound up tasting better than the real thing! GO TO RECIPE >

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